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Tesla’s Giga Shanghai Achieves 2 Million Cars Milestone

Tesla announced on Wednesday it reached a major milestone at its Giga Shanghai factory in China, reaching 2 million cars produced. “In Gigafactory Shanghai, we produced 1 million cars within 33 months, and remarkably, we reached the second million milestone in just 13 months!”, said the @Tesla_Asia account on X. A picture showed employees posing […]

Tesla’s Shanghai Plant Sees August Production Surge

Tesla’s manufacturing output at its Shanghai plant witnessed a significant rebound in August, marking a pivotal moment as the company strives to match Wall Street’s production expectations. In August, Tesla reportedly dispatched 84,159 vehicles from the Shanghai factory, a noteworthy increase from 64,285 in July and 76,695 the previous year, as per the Chinese Passenger […]

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai Factory: Behind-the-Scenes Look [VIDEO]

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Tesla’s Giga Shanghai Factory, a rare glimpse at the production process of the Tesla Model Y was shown to South Korean YouTube channel, MOCAR (via @Tslachan). The nearly 18-minute video showcases the production process of a Model Y. It is definitely a sight to behold. Here are some of […]

Tesla China Preps Model 3 ‘Highland’ for September: Rumour

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is gearing up its “Highland” Model 3 launch, according to a series of tweets shared by Tesla China Analyst (@teslashanghai) on August 3, 2023. The automaker has already reportedly started trial production of the Model 3 refresh, and mass deliveries are slated to begin in September. This timeline is notably ahead of […]
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Tesla Reportedly Laying Off Some Battery Workers at Giga Shanghai

Tesla is reportedly laying off some battery production workers at its Giga Shanghai plant, according to sources familiar with the matter, speaking with Bloomberg. This move comes amidst a fierce price war in China, where car manufacturers are heavily discounting their vehicles. The US electric carmaker began notifying employees on the cell assembly lines of […]

Tesla to Unveil New Model 3 with Elon Musk in China, Says Report

In the first visit to Tesla’s Shanghai factory in years, CEO Elon Musk is expected to offer an early preview of the company’s updated Model 3 sedan, according to sources who wished to remain anonymous, reports Bloomberg. The unveiling, which is set to take place on Thursday, will showcase the first off-the-line prototypes of the […]
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Tesla Employees Unhappy with Bonus Cuts, Musk ‘Looking Into’ Issue

Summary: Tesla Shanghai workers unhappy with bonus cuts. Social media posts criticize company’s handling of fatal accident. Elon Musk investigating the issue. Employees at Tesla’s Shanghai factory have taken to social media, including Twitter, to express their dissatisfaction with recent performance bonus cuts, according to workers and online posts. Some of the posts criticize Tesla’s […]

Tesla Announces Model Y Suspension Upgrade at Giga Shanghai

Tesla recently announced suspension upgrades to Model Y units built at its Shanghai Gigafactory on Weibo, as spotted by @Tslachan and @JayinShanghai this week. According to Tesla, the upgrade applies to Model Y units built from January on, with two main changes. First, the Model Y’s top support for the shock absorber has increased in […]
1 million cars Giga Shanghai

Tesla Sales of China-Made Cars Increased 18% in January

Tesla’s sales of electric vehicles (EVs) from its Gigafactory Shanghai increased by a fair margin last month, just as the company plans to begin upping production output at the plant. Tesla sold 66,051 units built at Giga Shanghai in January, representing an 18 percent increase from December’s 55,796 units, according to data from the China […]

Tesla’s Shanghai Expansion Plans Reportedly Delayed Due to Starlink Concerns: Report

Security concerns are preventing Tesla’s factory in China from expanding for the time being, as government officials share security concerns over Starlink, a satellite internet service created by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Tesla’s plans to expand its Gigafactory Shanghai have been delayed due to security concerns related to Starlink, according to sources familiar with the subject […]