Tesla Aiming to Double Sales in Germany This Year, Opens 21st Sales Center

The new Tesla auto plant in Germany hopes to significantly increase the automaker’s sales in the country, even potentially outdoing a Japanese importer that’s consistently an auto industry front-runner. Tesla is looking to double its sales in Germany this year, in hopes to overtake import manufacturers such as Toyota, as reported by Automobilwoche. Tesla delivered […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Expansion Taken Off of Local Council Agenda

Tesla’s plans to expand Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg appear to be on halt for the time being, as the plant’s local council has removed it from an upcoming agenda. Grünheide, Germany Mayor Arne Christiani removed Tesla’s plans for expansion from a September council meeting on Wednesday, requesting clarification on the automaker’s plans, as reported by German publication […]

Tesla to Host Town Hall at Giga Berlin to Detail Environmental Progress

Tesla plans to host a second event at its new factory in Germany, just around six months after the plant opened. According to Reuters, Tesla is hosting a town hall event at its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg on Sunday to inform locals about its environmental footprint (via @Berlinergy). The Grünheide, Germany plant will host the event from […]

Tesla Launches Model Y RWD in Europe; Price Undercuts Model 3 in France

European customers can now purchase a new, entry-level Model Y configuration along with the Long-Range and Performance variants. Tesla has made a rear-wheel-drive configuration of its Model Y available in Europe, as seen on the automaker’s website this week (via @ModelYOwnerDACH). The Model Y is rated for 445km (~276 miles) from the Worldwide Harmonised Light-Duty […]

Tesla Wins German Lawsuit Over Misleading Marketing for Autopilot and FSD

Tesla has emerged victorious in a lawsuit brought by Germany’s antitrust regulator alleging that the marketing around the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD), is misleading — reports Teslamag. This is far from Tesla’s first brush with concerns regarding how it advertises Autopilot and FSD. The result […]

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin Has Giga Castings Everywhere [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg has been busy building car bodies, as evidenced in a recent video showing drone footage of the Grünheide site. A video shared by drone videographer and Tesla enthusiast Tobias Lindh on Monday shows Giga castings everywhere at the factory. In the video’s description, Lindh writes, “There are a lot of castings all […]

Tesla Offers Financing Promo for Model Y Performance in Germany

New financing options are available for select German buyers of Tesla’s Model Y Performance, as detailed in an email shared on Sunday. Tesla is emailing some customers in Germany with a promotion offering new financing deals for the automaker’s Model Y Performance (via @Tesla_adri). In the emails, Tesla offers financing at 475 euros per month […]

Tesla Adds Free Swimming Pool to Supercharger [VIDEO]

Tesla owners can now beat the heat while charging their cars, at least at one German Supercharger. Earlier this week, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer installed a pool at a Supercharging location in Hilden, Germany. Tesla Welt Podcast on YouTube recently shared a detailed look at the pool, along with an interview with the charging […]

Tesla’s Berlin Factory Produces First Model Y with 4680 Battery: Report

With Tesla’s more-efficient 4680 battery cells beginning to make headlines in North American markets, onlookers in Europe are still awaiting theirs — though tests show that they may not have to wait too much longer. Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg produced its first Model Y SUV with the next-generation 4680 battery, according to a report from the […]

Tesla Shows Off Solar Trailer with SpaceX Starlink Dish [PICS]

Alongside Tesla showing off a cross-section of a Model Y with 4680 cells at IdeenExpo in Germany, the automaker had a trailer with solar panels attached at the event that also drew some attention. Now we have some more pictures of this unique solar and Starlink setup. Tesla debuted a “show of concept” of a […]

Tesla Shows Off Model Y With 4680 and More at ‘IdeenExpo’ in Germany

According to Tesla enthusiast @tesla_adri, the electric vehicle (EV) maker has set up a booth at the “IdeenExpo” in Hannover, Germany. The company is showing off the cross section of a Model Y chassis with a structural battery pack featuring its new 4680 battery cells, as well as a solar-powered range extender trailer at the […]

Tesla Ordered to Fix Model 3/Y Emergency Calls Glitch in Germany

According to a report from German broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority has ordered Tesla to recall Model 3 and Model Y units in the country over an issue with the vehicles’ emergency systems, reports (via Bloomberg). The automotive regulator announced on June 29 that it has identified a bug with an […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Needs Higher Wages to Attract Workers: Labor Union

Tesla could be forced to increase compensation for Gigafactory Berlin workers if it hopes to keep up with its hiring goals, said Germany’s largest labor union on Monday. IG Metall is hearing complaints of inadequate or unequal wages from staff members at Tesla, according to a report from Bloomberg. While the automaker has reportedly been […]