Tesla USB Dashcam Fixed in 2022.12.3.16 Update, Say Owners

Since May, some Tesla owners have been dealing with a ‘Dashcam Unavailable’ error, which caused user flash drives to stop working and would require a format or re-insertion to fix. For owners, it was tricky at times to see if the Dashcam was working or not, unless they had moved the icon to the lower […]

Fix for Tesla ‘Dashcam Unavailable’ Bug Coming Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a Saturday tweet that a fix for an issue that disables the dashcam on the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s cars will soon ship as part of an upcoming update. Earlier this month, Tesla North reported on an issue with Tesla software version 2022.12.3.2 (and other 2022.12.3.x versions) that renders […]

How to Fix Tesla ‘Dashcam Unavailable’ USB Drive Not Working

We can confirm Tesla’s recent 2022.12.3.2 software update (and other 2022.12.3.x versions) are causing an issue with the vehicle’s dashcam feature not recording properly. Periodically, the error message “Dashcam unavailable” shows up along with “Check USB drive”. With this USB error, it means your Tesla’s dashcam will not record while you’re driving and Sentry mode […]

Tesla Mobile App Hints at Dashcam Live Streaming Soon and More

Tesla has updated its mobile app on Wednesday evening for both iOS and Android. The Tesla iPhone app update brings improvements to larger iOS widgets, adding quick controls to lock/unlock doors, climate, charging, and frunk. The widget controls are sorta okay. Clicking on any of the controls brings up the main app to carry out […]

Tesla Disappearing Dashcam Icon Fix in 2021.4.10 Update

A recent bug in Tesla’s software has users’ Dashcams not recording video, with icons disappearing from the dash altogether. Despite a few updates since the problem arose, users are still waiting on a fix to the issue. On Monday, one Tesla owner posted to Reddit about a fix to the problem, which they had reportedly […]