How to Fix Tesla ‘Dashcam Unavailable’ USB Drive Not Working

Dashcam unavailable tesla

We can confirm Tesla’s recent 2022.12.3.2 software update (and other 2022.12.3.x versions) are causing an issue with the vehicle’s dashcam feature not recording properly.

Periodically, the error message “Dashcam unavailable” shows up along with “Check USB drive”. With this USB error, it means your Tesla’s dashcam will not record while you’re driving and Sentry mode won’t work properly.

How to fix this ‘dashcam unavailable’ error? There are two temporary solutions.

1) Format the USB drive in your Tesla by going to Controls > Safety & Security > Format USB Device > Format

2) Open the glove box, unplug the USB stick and plug it back in

Other ideas also involve doing a system reboot of your Tesla (press and hold both steering wheel buttons until the car reboots) or trying another USB stick.

These are temporary fixes that will solve the USB issue for a few days, before it returns. We suggest you drag the dashcam icon into your lower icons, so you can always know when the USB is allowing recording (a solid red dot; a problem means a red ‘x’).

Many Tesla owners continue to experience this USB bug within their cars and the automaker will likely fix this bug with its next software update. Until then, share in the comments what has worked for you to fix this dashcam USB error.

Update May 29, 2022: Elon Musk has confirmed a fix is coming and explains why the problem occurred in the first place.