Tesla Disappearing Dashcam Icon Fix in 2021.4.10 Update



A recent bug in Tesla’s software has users’ Dashcams not recording video, with icons disappearing from the dash altogether. Despite a few updates since the problem arose, users are still waiting on a fix to the issue.

On Monday, one Tesla owner posted to Reddit about a fix to the problem, which they had reportedly been dealing with for weeks and learned of from a Tesla service representative. Reddit user u/DavidMetcalfe posted on the Tesla Motors subreddit, sharing his experience with the disappearing Dashcam icon, as well as his subsequent loss of Dashcam footage.

After dealing with the issue through the course of multiple updates with no fix, as well as cancelled service center appointment, Metcalfe received a message from the Tesla service center.

The response from Tesla’s service center said, “Hello from the Tesla West 4th Service Center. Regarding your Service request, please understand that what you are experiencing is a known firmware bug. Currently, Service Engineering is looking into this and expect it to be resolved in a future firmware update (expected in 2021.4.10). At the Service Center level, we are unable to make any firmware modifications to resolve this bug however we do recommend keeping your vehicle connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal whenever possible to help trigger any updates that may contain the fix. As there is no further action to take at this time, we will go ahead and close out your appointment. Thank you and have a nice day.”

According to the employee, an update fixing the issue could be expected in Tesla software update 2021.4.10, though there was nothing the service center could do for Metcalfe at the moment. The software update 2021.4.10 was first released on February 19, but continues to rollout to more Tesla vehicles.

In any case, it’s nice to know that help is on the way, even if it’s a bit of a pain in the neck for Tesla owners losing out on Dashcam footage.


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