NHTSA Opens Probe into GM’s Cruise Autonomous Driving System

The federal U.S. safety regulator said on Friday it has opened an investigation into the General Motors-owned Cruise autonomous driving system’s safety. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) is opening the probe into Cruise following reports in which the self-driving vehicles “inappropriately hard braking or become immobilized,” according to a report from Auto Blog. […]

Cruise Launches Daytime Driverless Rides in San Francisco

Cruise has launched driverless rides during the daytime in San Francisco, with the first ride taking place on Thursday at 8:30 a.m., according to co-founder @Kyle Vogt. The post includes a video detailing the first ride, showing actually footage from the ride and reactions from some of the company’s employees using the daytime driverless ride. […]

Apple Adds 15 More Drivers to its Autonomous Vehicle Program

As driverless vehicles slowly emerge as a reality, many companies are adding to their testing and self-driving fleets as shared by California’s largest motor vehicle agency. Apple added 15 drivers to its autonomous testing since June, while Waymo and Cruise added significantly to their driverless fleets, according to a notice from the California DMV (via […]

GM’s Cruise Recalls Robotaxis After Crash, Updates Self-Driving Software

According to filings that were recently made public, General Motors Co.’s all-electric robotaxi subsidiary, Cruise, recalled and updated the software in 80 self-driving cars after a June crash in San Francisco — reports CNBC. The crash in question occurred on June 3. It involved a Cruise vehicle braking harshly while attempting an unprotected left turn as […]

Cruise Launches First Driverless Car Pickup in San Francisco [VIDEO]

San Francisco-based self-driving car service, Cruise, has shared a video of its first driverless car pickup in San Francisco, California. On Wednesday, Kyle Vogt, co-founder, president and CTO at Cruise, detailed being the first passenger to be picked up by a driverless Cruise vehicle, which occurred on Monday night. “Earlier this week, I requested a […]

Cruise Teases ‘Poppy’ the Autonomous Vehicle in San Francisco [VIDEO]

Autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a reality, even as self-driving company Cruise has introduced its most recent California-based driverless vehicle to the public. Cruise shared a new video on Tuesday of what it calls “one of [its] favorite self-driving vehicles,” depicting the autonomous vehicle Poppy. According to the video’s description, the autonomous vehicle delivered thousands […]

Walmart Invests $2.75 Billion in Electric Self-Driving Company Cruise

Walmart announced on Thursday a $2.75 billion (USD) investment into General Motors-backed Cruise, an autonomous delivery vehicle company based out of San Francisco (via Reuters). Cruise and Walmart have been working together since last November on a delivery pilot in Scottsdale, Arizona, and with the investment, Walmart is looked to work towards a zero-emissions future. […]