Corded Mobile Connector

Tesla Mobile Connector Back in Stock for $200

After Tesla stopped including the Mobile Connector bundle for free with all new car purchases as part of an Apple-like move in April, it is now in stock for its lowered price of $200 USD on Tesla’s website (via Reddit). The Mobile Connector had been unavailable on the Tesla Shop ever since the company pulled […]

Tesla Launches $200 Mobile Connector, Drops Wall Connector to $400

Tesla has launched its new cheaper $200 Mobile Connector, after recently announcing new vehicle purchases would not include a Gen 2 Mobile Connector, that offers charging via a regular household outlet, a decision that has resulted in mixed opinions by the company’s customers. “Stay charged on extended trips or when you need it most with […]

Concept Imagines Tesla Charging Options at Checkout [PIC]

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company would no longer include a basic Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle with new vehicle purchases. Instead, customers who want a mobile charger would have to buy a standalone Corded Mobile Connector with a fixed 14-50 adapter for $400 USD. Now that Tesla does not include […]

Tesla Corded Mobile Connector Price Drops to $400

As the needs of Tesla drivers evolve with the company’s cars, so too does the company’s online stock – and recently, Tesla dropped the price of a corded mobile connector on its online store. Tesla has quietly dropped the price of its Corded Mobile Connector to $400 (down from $520, a 23% drop), despite the […]