Tesla Corded Mobile Connector Price Drops to $400

Photo: Tesla

As the needs of Tesla drivers evolve with the company’s cars, so too does the company’s online stock – and recently, Tesla dropped the price of a corded mobile connector on its online store.

Tesla has quietly dropped the price of its Corded Mobile Connector to $400 (down from $520, a 23% drop), despite the fact that the product is currently still out of stock on its web store (via Reddit).

Still, users can have Tesla email them when the part is back in stock using a link on the product’s web listing page.

This version of the mobile connector includes a NEMA 14-50 cord, which allows users to charge up to 40A over the UMC max of 32A, although a standard range Model 3 can only do 32A, according to the user who shared the news. The user also pointed out that the part is particularly useful for securing the charging cable into a lockable outlet since the plug end can’t be removed.

The second-gen mobile connector cable also comes with a convenient storage bag, which makes it easy to roll up and throw in your frunk or trunk.

Tesla also restocked its S3XY mugs last month, alongside a number of merch items that were already in stock and available from the company’s online store.