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Several Tesla and NIO Charging Stations Close Due to Sichuan Heatwave

As China’s power crisis worsens amidst record heat, many charging stations for electric vehicle (EV) automakers Tesla and NIO are becoming temporarily inoperable in certain regions. Tesla and NIO have been forced to halt charging operations in two cities in the Sichuan province, due to an ongoing heatwave that’s putting pressure on the area’s grid, […]

NIO’s First Battery Swap Station in Norway Goes Live

Image credit: Weibo user ‘Delo loves to drive’ As NIO plans on rivaling Tesla and Volkswagen in Norway, the company is unfolding its electric vehicle (EV) roadmap in the new market with its first newly-operational battery swap station in the country. NIO’s first battery swap station in Norway is now operational, after beginning construction last […]

Here’s CATL’s New Battery Swap Station in China

After reports held that China-based Tesla Supplier CATL would be launching a battery swap platform earlier this month, the company’s first station has officially been spotted. CATL revealed its first battery swap station in China on Tuesday, located in Xiamen, Fujian, after being built more than a month ago, according to Cailian (via CNEVPost). The […]

NIO Surpasses 500 Battery Swap Stations in China, 4 Million Swaps to Date

China-based electric automaker NIO saw revenue increase by 127 percent in the second quarter, and following the news, the company has also reached a major milestone with regards to its battery swap stations. NIO has surpassed 500 battery swap stations in China, with 504 operational battery swap stations as of Wednesday, according to @42how_. In […]

This is NIO’s 2nd-Generation Battery Swap Station in China [PICS]

It wasn’t long ago that China’s electric vehicle (EV) startup NIO released the ET7, its flagship sedan, while sharing that its battery swap program would be receiving major upgrades. Monday, in a series of photos from Tesla enthusiast @42how_ on Twitter, we gain a first look at NIO’s second-generation battery swap station being demonstrated. The […]