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Tesla Shares May Hit $5,800 by 2026, Says ARK Invest Bull Case

Ark Invest expects Tesla’s shares to shoot up to $4,600 by 2026 in expected value, based on the firm’s open-source Tesla model, according to a post on the company’s website. The firm’s Monte Carlo model is open-source to the public because it “strengthens the quality of [its] research,” allowing others to see and react to […]

Tesla Will ‘Change the Game’ Like Apple, Says Cathie Wood

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood shared “why she is remaining optimistic on Tesla,” comparing Tesla to Apple and the automaker’s disruption of the electric vehicle (EV) space to how Apple “changed the game” in the smartphone world. When it comes down to Tesla, the stock, the company and the […]

Cathie Wood Buys 420,000 Shares of NIO, Trims Tesla Shares

Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood has been bullish on Tesla and other electric vehicle (EV) stocks, and a recent move shows her shifting her portfolio towards Chinese EV maker, NIO. Wood sold 145,977 shares in Tesla and purchased 420,057 shares in NIO on Friday, March 25, according to The Motley Fool. ARKK sold 117,857 Tesla shares […]

ARK Invest CEO Stands by Tesla Price Target of $3,000

Back in March, ARK Invest announced a 2025 price target of $3,000 USD for electric vehicle (EV) pioneer Tesla. Following a detailed Monte Carlo analysis, the investment firm shared a base case of $3,000 USD, a bear case of $1,500 USD, and a bull case of $4,000 USD for Tesla stock in 2025. In a […]

Tesla Surges 6.5% After Cathie Wood Raises Price Target to $3,000

Investing firm Ark Invest has offered a lot of confidence for the direction of Tesla’s business, and in a new update released on Friday, the firm has further increased its praise of the automaker’s future. Tesla (TSLA) shares rose 6.5% Monday, following news that Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood raised Tesla’s price target to $3,000 (USD) […]

ARK Invest Raises Tesla Price Target to $3,000 for 2025

ARK Invest has released its latest research and price target for Tesla in 2025 on Friday, as shared by Tasha Keeney, CFA, Analyst, for the investment firm: “Last year, ARK estimated that in 2024 Tesla’s share price would hit $7,000 per share, or $1,400 adjusted for its five for one stock split. Based on our […]

ARK Invest CEO’s Tesla Stock Prediction Comes True 2 Years Early

According to Markets Insider, ARK Invest founder and CEO Cathie Wood’s 2023 stock predictions for the electric vehicle (EV) maker two has come true two years ahead of time. Back in 2018, when Tesla was having trouble scaling up production of its Model 3 to meet demand and battling liquidity issues left and right, Cathie Wood […]