Model X

Tesla Launches Model S/X Deliveries in China’s Mainland [VIDEO]

Tesla has officially launched Model S and Model X deliveries in China’s mainland, announced on Monday morning. The Tesla Asian account shared a cool promo video of Model S and Model X vehicles offloading from a delivery ship today, as part of the announcement: 2023 Model S & Model X Deliveries Begin in China’s Mainland!🎉 […]

Tesla CCS Retrofit Reviewed by 2016 Model X Owner [VIDEO]

A video shared by JoshWest247 on Wednesday shows charging tests comparing Tesla’s CCS charging adapter retrofit to a CHAdeMO charger on a 2016 Model X. The video shows the process of Josh, taking the vehicle to a Tesla service center in Mississauga, Ontario, where the automaker’s employees were able to install the necessary firmware and retrofit […]

First Tesla Model S/X Vehicles Arrive at Port in China

Tesla appears to be nearing the first customer deliveries of its latest Model S and Model X, as a batch of the vehicles have landed in China. That’s according to info shared by @Tslachan, who noted 867 Model S and Model X vehicles made their way into Tianjin Port in China, arriving aboard the ship […]

Tesla Falcon Wing Doors: How it Started vs How it’s Going [VIDEO]

Tesla shared a new video to its YouTube channel today showcasing the evolution of the company’s Falcon Wing doors from its Model X SUV. The video was originally shared by the company last week on Twitter. Following the “how it started versus how it’s going” meme, Tesla teases an old prototype of Falcon Wing doors, […]

Tesla Confirms Model S/X with HW4 Has 2 Forward Cameras, Not 3

After Tesla started delivering Model S and Model X vehicles with Hardware 4 (HW4), owners shared pictures of new Autopilot cameras for the front, side and rear. For the front cameras, we saw three cameras in a new layout, leading many to believe there are three being used for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities. But […]

2023.2.201 Tesla HW4 Update Restores Autopilot, Backup Camera, TACC

Tesla began deploying a software update 2023.2.201 to Model S and X units equipped with HW4 on Tuesday, effectively restoring functionality for its backup camera, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC) and Navigate on Autopilot (NOA), according to new Model X Plaid owner Jason Clinton. Clinton shared a video of the view from the new HW4-based backup […]