Model X

Tesla Model X Shows Off ‘Tron’ Inspired Styling: Hot or Not?

Image via Reddit user ‘Poisonousking' If you’re a fan of the 1982 American science fiction film, Tron, this Tesla Model X stylized to look like it was from the movie, may tickle your fancy. Shared on Reddit, users commented mixed feelings about the modifications to the Model X, to make it look like it’s from...

Testing the Limits of the Tesla Model X Cheetah Mode [VIDEO]

image via i1Tesla The latest software update from Tesla brought some interesting features to the table. Some of the new launch modes designed to improve performance are among the most compelling features in the new update. Of these new launch modes, Cheetah Mode has received some particularly close attention among Tesla drivers. In a new […]

Comparing the Model Y Back Seat to the Model 3 and Model X [VIDEO]

As new drivers and experienced Tesla fans get their hands on the new Model Y, more information becomes known. The new electric vehicle has received excellent reviews on nearly every measurable factor. So how does the Model Y back seat compare to the back seats from previous models? In a new video from i1Tesla, viewers […]