Tesla Model Y and Model X Might Not Be That Different in Size According to Recent Sightings

While there’s still a fairly long way to go until Tesla’s Model Y hits the market, fans cannot help but imagine how the company’s first crossover will look like. Recent snapshots of the electric car prototype have gone viral providing future owners and fans with an idea of the crossover’s size.

Tesla Model X Spotted in California Source Teslarati

According to Teslarati, the anonymous photographer and tipster spotted the Model Y prototype at the Manteca Supercharger not far from the Fremont factory in California. As the first picture shows, the vehicle was parked next to a Model X, which makes it easy for Tesla enthusiasts to get a clearer picture of the crossover or at least of its size.

Comparing the two vehicles, it’s not difficult to see the resemblance as far as their size is regarded. The Model Y photographed was covered in a tarp, which left some of the car’s design elements unseen, but revealed its height and size. The two vehicles have almost the same height. While the Model X is 66-inch tall, the company’s crossover prototype seems to have a height of 65 inches.

The second picture released shows the difference in width, though. While the two cars are close in height, they do differ significantly in width. Tesla’s flagship SUV is 89.4-inch wide with its mirrors included. Exclude them, though, and you still get a 78.7-inch width.

Tesla Model X Spotted in California Source Teslarati

The crossover is expected to enter production at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California by this year’s summer. The Model Y program has been officially launched at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai this week and the car is also planned to be produced at the company’s Gigafactory 4 in Germany.