Possible Tesla Model Y Refresh Spotted in California

model y juniper refresh

A possible refresh of Tesla’s Model Y has been spotted in California, according to a Reddit post by user u/JacklJack. This is the first time we’ve seen what appears to be a new Model Y refresh testing in camouflage in the wild.

The user shared, “Running around Rose Bowl today and saw a masked Model Y parking nearby. Looks like the front is just the same shape as Highland. Last time someone saw masked Highland was about 6-7 months before it released. Juniper soon?”

‘Juniper’ is the supposed codename for the next Model Y refresh.

The sighting sparked excitement among Tesla enthusiasts, with the poster adding, “I saw people standing around, I was too chickenshit to take another photo. It was a snap and run. I did a quick look inside, everything is covered. I was just excited that a new one will come out soon.”

Speculation is rife that the new Model Y will feature the same headlights, taillights, and interior lighting as the refreshed Model 3. Previous leaks about the Model 3 refresh began circulating in April 2023, with the updated model hitting China and Europe around September 2023 and the US by mid-January 2024. A similar timeline could be expected for the Model Y refresh.

Despite the anticipation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had stated in June, “No Model Y ‘refresh’ is coming out this year.” He further explained, “I should note that Tesla continuously improves its cars, so even a car that is 6 months newer will be a little better.” Back in February, a rumour claimed there would be no Model Y refresh in 2024 and Musk has confirmed that.

The potential refresh hints at Tesla’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement, keeping fans and owners eagerly awaiting the next evolution of the Model Y. With car sales usually down to kick off Q1 and the start of the year, launching a new Model Y refresh would definitely spark purchases. The best-selling car in the world might see even greater sales with the new Model Y, as the current iteration is now three years old.