Tesla Model Y HEPA Retrofit Now Available

Model y hepa filter

Back in July 2021, Tesla added support for HEPA filters to the Model Y in the U.S., with the addition a crucial component of the company’s Bioweapon Defense Mode for ensuring hospital-grade cabin air.

Older Model Y vehicles that did missed this addition can now order a retrofit from Tesla using the company’s mobile app. Back in 2021, it was rumoured that a retrofit was coming but it’s here more than two years later.

That’s according to Tesla owner @michaeltfang (via @WholeMarsBlog), who said on Tuesday evening, “Model Y HEPA filter retrofit (for 2021 and older) now available through Request Service on Tesla app. Previously only available for S and X.”

Fang has an appointment next Tuesday and he’ll find out then if “it’s real.” So far, the cost for the retrofit has not been provided to Fang, he tells Tesla North. But he will find out soon enough next week. Others have said they are getting service quotes from $220 to $313 USD for this retrofit.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the original Model 3 doesn’t have enough room to fit these HEPA filters. However, the new ‘Highland’ Model 3 update does support a HEPA air filter.

Are you going to get a HEPA filter retrofit for your Model Y?