Tesla Model Y HEPA Filter Retrofits Coming, Will Be Sold Online: Report

Tesla recently launched its Bioweapon Defense Mode for the Model Y crossover SUV in the United States. The feature was previously exclusive to the Model Y in China, and the flagship Model S and Model X.

Many existing Tesla Model Y customers have been wondering about a HEPA filter retrofit, and according to well-connected Tesla insider, Sawyer Merritt, it’s finally coming soon.

“A source of mine has told me that Tesla will offer HEPA filter retrofits for Model Y’s that don’t have the new filter but the retrofits aren’t available yet,” said Merritt on Tuesday. “The system will be sold online on the Tesla shop as well as in the App. Retrofits will require service appointments,” he added.

Merritt says “Tesla will provide an exact timeline for retrofits at a later date,” and also indicated so far we won’t be seeing a HEPA filter for the Model 3 “at this time”, saying it’s unknown if the sedan will ever get HEPA as well.

Tesla Model Y builds in the United States from July 1, 2021, and onwards will have Bioweapon Defense Mode and a HEPA filter, says Merritt.

Bioweapon Defense Mode recirculates air through the vehicle’s HEPA filter, purifying the air inside the car. Tesla says the feature will allow customers to “literally survive a military grade bio attack by sitting in your car.”