Tesla Updates Referral Program, Cybertruck Event Award Axed

model s x discount

Tesla has updated its referral program recently, changing the discounts available and also the rewards for those referring friends and family.

When referring a friend, they now only save $500 USD ($650 CAD) across all Tesla vehicles including Model S/X and Model 3/Y.

Previously, Model S/X would get $1,000 USD off when referring a friend, but now this discount is the same across the board. You still get 3 months of Full Self-Driving capability. Tesla recently slashed the prices of Model S/X so this change is not unexpected.

model x discount

Subsequently, referral credits awarded are now at 10,000 for Model S/X, which is now the same as referring a Model 3/Y. Previously, referring a Model S/X would nab you 20,000 credits.

As for one more change, the program’s awards list no longer includes the Cybertruck Delivery Event invite at 30,000 credits, as it’s gone from the app. This award offered a ticket to the delivery event plus an extra for one guest. Also, expiry of credits is now listed as September 7, 2024.

Overall, there are now just $500 off discounts from Tesla for Model S/X, Model 3/Y, Solar Panels and Solar Roof.

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