Tesla Model Y Hardware 4 vs 3 Compared [PICS]

The big news of the day was Tesla bringing its latest hardware 4 to its Model Y, expanding the new Autopilot hardware beyond just Model S and Model X vehicles.

Thanks to some Tesla community members, we now have some up-close images comparing hardware 4 to hardware 3. The first images were spotted by Zack (@BLKMDL3), confirming some data we received on Tesla’s website.

Now, the Kilowatts (@klwtts) have shared their own photos comparing a blue Model Y with HW4 to a white version with HW3.

We’ve taken the liberty to crop and improve shadows to give a better comparison of the new camera hardware that comes with hardware 4 (HW4). Check out our compilation below. All photos are taken by the Kilowatts.

Here are the side repeater cameras on the Model Y, with the older HW3 on top, while HW4 is on the bottom. The lens housing looks bigger, while the field of view looks to point out more:

Model y hw3 vs hw4

Here is a zoomed-out side view of these side repeater cameras. HW3 on the left, HW4 on the right:

Hardware 3 vs 4 model y

You can click here to see how the side repeater cameras with hardware 4 look like on a Model S and Model X.

Here are videos taken from hardware 4 cameras on a Model S and Model X, showing you the field of view.

Tesla’s manuals confirmed that hardware 4 front cameras only have two lenses active, with the third being a dummy camera.

If you’re taking delivery of a Model Y with hardware 4, send us some pictures to tips@teslanorth.com or send us a message on Twitter @RealTeslaNorth.