First Tesla Model Y with HW4 Coming from Giga Texas, Hints Code

model y awd Hw4

Update: here are fresh photos comparing hardware 4 versus hardware 3 on Model Y.

Tesla appears to be expanding hardware 4 to Model Y, it seems. That’s according to Tesla’s site code spotted by TeslaInfo and shared with Tesla North.

A 2023 Model Y AWD made at Gigafactory Texas is currently in transit to California and its Autopilot version lists “AP HW4”. Tesla’s site code also indicates “AP04” according to the data shared by TeslaInfo.

AP04 tesla model y

More confirmation also comes from, as they acknowledged with Tesla North they are also seeing “AP04” on Tesla’s website code, which we assume stands for Autopilot hardware 4 (I mean that makes sense right?).

Model y hardware 4

TeslaInfo clarifies that HW3 was known as APH4, while HW2.5 was APH3, and HW2 was APH2. But with the newest Model S and Model X, Tesla switched the code to AP04 for HW04 (hardware 4), presumably to make it make sense. “The absence of APH4 also indicates it doesn’t have HW3,” TeslaInfo explains to Tesla North.

Again, we’ll have to wait for the delivery of this supposed HW4 Model Y and see if there are hardware changes, such as new cameras we previously saw on Model S and Model X vehicles with HW4. Nonetheless, this is exciting news for new Model Y buyers, as they’ll get the newest Autopilot hardware with their vehicles.

Update May 25: Alright, looks like we now have confirmation thanks to Zack (@BLKMDL3), as he has shared pictures of a Model Y with new cameras. He drove to a lot and shared images of new cameras on a Model Y Performance and Model Y AWD.