Tesla Powerwall 3 Power Output Revealed, Says Report

powerwall 3 specs

Tesla’s highly anticipated Powerwall 3, the latest edition of the company’s home battery pack, is nearing its launch and is said to offer a power output of 11.5 kW. This update comes via Tesla documents secured by Electrek, providing the first concrete specification for the Powerwall 3.

Previous reports by Electrek last month had hinted at the imminent launch of the Powerwall 3. The product had been certified by several electric utilities across the US, indicating Tesla’s preparations for the release. However, apart from vague internal comments regarding “easier installation, better aesthetic, and higher performance,” little was known about the product.

The recent documents offer a peek into what consumers can expect from the Powerwall 3. The upgraded residential energy storage device has started featuring in Tesla’s documentation for new solar and Powerwall projects. The information, sourced from the “PV Hazard Control System” section of a Tesla solar project design document, cites Powerwall 3, clarifying its power output capacity.

Powerwall+ had a maximum output of 9.6 kW, but the Powerwall 3 offers a bigger upgrade, increasing output to 11.5 kW. This represents an almost 20% increase in power output. Interestingly, the document distinguishes between the “Maximum Continuous Power On-Grid” of the Powerwall+, which is 7.6 kW, and its “Maximum Continuous Power Off-Grid,” its total output.

Should the Powerwall 3’s 11.5 kW refer to its total power output, this could indicate a nearly 50% increase from the previous version, making it a pretty substantial upgrade. As anticipation builds, this first peek into the Powerwall 3’s capabilities promises an impressive update to Tesla’s line of home energy storage devices.

During Q1, Tesla revealed its energy generate and storage segment grew a whopping 148% year-over-year, and that was after increasing 90% in Q4 alone. Energy storage is booming and Tesla recently announced its new Lathrop Megafactory can make one commercial Megapack every 68 minutes.