Starlink Roam Now Being Used by Over 300,000 Worldwide

Starlink roam

After announcing Starlink for RVs last year, now known as Starlink Roam, SpaceX has announced the latter has reached over 300,000 customers worldwide.

“One year later, 300k+ customers are now roaming the planet with Starlink,” said SpaceX on Tuesday.

The advanced Flat High Performance Starlink offers a seamless experience of high-speed internet with minimal lag, even while in motion.

Thanks to its expansive field of view and upgraded GPS capabilities, this Starlink model maintains a reliable and constant connection by engaging with numerous satellites simultaneously.

Specifically engineered to withstand tough conditions, the equipment is ideal for enduring installations on vehicles, offering durability and resilience.

As of now, it is ready for purchase and functional in certain markets, says the Starlink website.

The Standard Starlink, expertly designed for portability, ensures swift and reliable high-speed internet in any location within its active coverage zones. It offers an effortless setup, granting users low-latency internet access in mere minutes, and packs away swiftly when it’s time to hit the road again. However, it’s important to note that this model is not built for use while in motion.

Travel to those far-flung corners where stable internet connectivity has been a challenge or non-existent. With Starlink, you can opt for the Regional plan for intra-continental use, or the Global plan for worldwide coverage wherever Starlink’s service is available.

The service provides the flexibility to pause and resume as per your needs. Billing is conveniently designed in one-month increments, thus allowing you to tailor the service to your unique travel requirements.

The Standard Starlink, which comes with all you need for a quick and efficient online setup, is ready to ship immediately. Meanwhile, the Flat High Performance Starlink, specifically designed for in-motion use, is currently open for orders in selected markets.

Starlink is a game-changer for worldwide connectivity and also for disaster relief efforts, as we saw in Italy recently.