SpaceX Starlink for RVs Hits 30,000 Orders in Just Over Two Weeks

Back in May, SpaceX announced Starlink for RVs, its satellite internet service for those seeking access on an as-needed basis where coverage is available.

On Thursday, SpaceX announced Starlink for RVs has now reached 30,000 orders and counting, in just 16 days.

Starlink for RVs costs $135 USD per month and lets customers pause and unpause the service at any time, with billing taking place in one-month increments. The service is not designed to be used in motion, as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said it does work but “not reliably yet”.

The service can be tried out for 30 days with a full money-back guarantee. Starlink for RVs requires the $599 USD hardware cost, plus a shipping and handling fee of $50 USD and monthly service at $135 USD.

The feature comes after Starlink announced its Portability feature, which allows service to be used outside a customer’s home address, for an extra fee per month.

Earlier this week, SpaceX revealed it is nearing 500,000 Starlink users in 32 countries with support for 9 languages, while it has helped deliver 15,000 Starlinks to Ukraine. Version 2.0 of Starlink satellites are in production, says the company.