SpaceX Meeting Reveals Starlink Nears 500,000 Users, Plus More Stats [LIST]

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared a slide deck from the company’s recent company all-hands meeting from last week.

According to his Sunday morning tweet, Musk said the slide deck was from a talk he gave to employees.

The slide deck reveals the following stats from SpaceX:

  • Record breaking launch cadence: averaging 1 launch per week
  • Fastest booster turnaround: 21 days
  • 160 total successful launches
  • 122 total successful landings
  • 98 total reflights
  • 10th anniversary of 1st Dragon flight to Space Station
  • First all civilian crew to Space Station
  • First planned space walk with Dragon
  • 3 year anniversary of first V0.9 launch
  • Nearly 500,000 Starlink users and counting; 32 countries and 9 languages
  • Internet by land, air and sea
  • 15,000 Starlinks delivered to Ukraine
  • V2.0 Starlink satellite production
  • Starship 24 and Booster 7 heading to the pad for orbital flight test

The slide deck also shared renders of Starship delivering V2.0 Starlink satellites in space like a Pez dispenser, while also detailing a render of two Factories of the Future, Starbase and Cape Canaveral, as part of SpaceX’s plan to make life multiplanetary.

SpaceX is still awaiting its environmental approval from the FAA, expected later this month on June 13.