Tesla Price Drop: Model 3 and Model Y Discounted Again in U.S.

model y performance price drop

Tesla continues to tweak its prices and just dropped prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S., again (via @WholeMarsBlog). Price drops are $2,000 for the entry Model 3 and $3,000 off the entire Model Y lineup.

Check out the price drops for Model 3 below:

  • RWD: $39,990 (was $41,990; -$2,000)
  • Performance: $52,990 (no change)

The Model 3 entry version is now available for $34,240 after incentives. What would the scenario be for a cheaper Tesla compact pricing at this point?

Here are the price drops for Model Y:

  • Model Y: $46,990 (was $49,990; -$3,000)
  • Long Range: $49,990 (was $52,990; -$3,000)
  • Performance: $53,990 (was $56,990; -$3,000)

Back on April 6, Tesla dropped prices of the Model 3 RWD and Performance by $1,000 in the U.S., while the Model Y dropped by $1,500, Long Range and Performance saw their prices drop by $2,000 as well. The company also recently lowered prices for Model 3 and Model Y globally as well.

Looking at these prices, for just $1,000 more, you can buy a Model Y Performance instead of a Model 3 Performance.

With rumors of Tesla set to refresh the Model 3 and Model Y soon, the company may be trying to clear out existing inventory and supplies.

Just when competitors thought they would be able to try and keep up with Tesla’s aggressive price drops, the company again flexes its pricing muscle thanks to its advancements and efficiencies in manufacturing and supply chain.

From our checks, there are no price drops in Canada. As for the used market when it comes to Teslas, it’s not looking good right now with these price drops.

These price drops come ahead of Tesla’s Q1 2023 earnings set to be reported on Wednesday after the closing bell.