Tesla Launches Cheaper Model Y AWD, Lowers All Car Prices Again [Update]

model y awd cheaper

Tesla has continued to make vehicle price adjustments, this time lowering all car prices yet again, while also debuting a lower-cost Model Y All-Wheel Drive for the masses, that was previously only available in existing inventory in select states.

The new AWD Model Y starts at $49,990 USD, and has a 0-60 mph time of 5.0 seconds and 279 miles of range. It’s suspected this vehicle likely contains 4680 battery cells. It only comes in a 5-seater option.

The Model Y Long Range has 330 miles range (51 miles more), a max DCFC rate of 250 kW (versus 230 kW for the entry AWD Model Y) and also costs $3,000 more, and can be configured with 7 seats.

As it stands, all Model Y vehicles qualify for the U.S. federal tax credit of $7,500.

Check out the price cuts for Tesla’s vehicles below…

Model S

  • Dual Motor AWD: $84,990 (was $89,990; -$5,000)
  • Plaid: $104,990: (was $109,990; -$5,000)

In Canada, the Dual Motor Model S dropped to $116,990 CAD (-$6,000) and the Plaid to $143,990 CAD (-$6,000).

Model X

  • Dual Motor AWD: $94,990 (was $99,990; -$5,000)
  • Plaid: $104,990 (was $109,990; -$5,000)

In Canada, the Dual Motor Model X dropped to $130,990 CAD (-$5,000) and Plaid to $143,990 CAD (-$6,000).

Model 3

  • RWD: $41,990 (was $42,990; -$1,000)
  • Performance: $52,990 (was $53,990; -$1,000)

Model Y

  • AWD Standard Range: $49,990 (was $51,490 as of Feb. in existing inventory)
  • Long Range: $52,990 (was 56,990; -$3,000)
  • Performance: $56,990 (was $58,990; -$2,000)

Also new is Quicksilver is now a color option in Taiwan, as per @Tslachan, expanding outside of Europe and the Middle East for the first time.

…developing, more to follow