Night Lights at Tesla’s Giga Texas are ‘Frustrating’, Say Neighbors [VIDEO]

Photo: KVUE

A new story from the Austin TV news channel KVUE highlights how neighbors of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas are growing frustrated with bright lights coming from the plant at nighttime.

The news, as shared in a short video segment from the channel, includes testimonies from a few nearby neighbors, including a local resident of the Hornsby Glen neighborhood, Jenny Royal.

Located across Highway 130 from Giga Texas, Royal’s home has a straight view of stadium-style lights at the factory from 8pm to 8am every night from her backyard.

“Yeah, it’s very frustrating,” Royal said. “These seem to be stadium-style lights. I mean, they feel like, you know, if you’re at Q2.”

“We would just hang out and you could see the stars and watch the sky and everything, and now it’s completely changed,” Royal added. “You don’t even want to sit back here in the evening.”

Royal and at least two other neighbors reached out to Travis County and Tesla to no avail, before all reaching out to KVUE about the story.

News reports from 2021 held that many Austin locals were also concerned about Tesla moving its headquarters to the city, though this was before the factory completed construction.

You can see the full video segment from KVUE below.

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