Nuevo León Governor Celebrates Tesla’s Coming Gigafactory in Mexico

Photo: Samuel García

Nuevo León Governor @Samuel García shared a post on Wednesday celebrating Tesla’s arrival in the northeastern Mexican state, accompanied by photos of him with a pair of Model X units, while wearing a branded Tesla jacket.

The photos show one white and one black Tesla Model X, with García standing near the vehicles’ driver-side doors. He also included a short set of statements, highlighting the upcoming accomplishment for the state.

“The largest Gigafactory in the world is coming to Nuevo León,” wrote García in the post, as translated from Spanish. “The future is coming, science, technology, innovation. Electromobility is coming. Renewable energy is coming. Green and sustainable industry is coming.”

Tesla’s newest job postings for positions in Nuevo Leon, include the following positions, according to updates seen by Tesla North:

  • Security Site Supervisor Environmental, Health, Safety & Security
  • Recruiting Manager People
  • HR Manager People
  • Head of Construction Safety Environmental, Health, Safety & Security
  • Security Manager Environmental, Health, Safety & Security

The news comes ahead of Tesla beginning construction on the Monterrey Gigafactory, which reports say could begin as soon as this month if approvals line up correctly.

Governor García also said that production could begin at the Gigafactory as soon as 2024, with the plant set to build Tesla’s next-generation vehicle, according to CEO Elon Musk.

The footprint of Giga Mexico is expected to double Tesla’s Giga Texas, hence García calling it the “largest Gigafactory in the world.”

García is also hopeful that the plant could someday host in-house battery and chip manufacturing from Tesla, which he says is why the automaker purchased such a spacious plot of land.