Mysterious Package Delivered to Tesla’s Giga Shanghai [VIDEO]

Photo: Wu Wa

A mysterious package was spotted being delivered to Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory this week, as seen in a video posted on Friday by Wu Wa.

The video was taken at a high altitude from fairly far away, as Wu Wa’s observation team was asked not to get near the factory with their drone.

Still, we can see a crane arm lifting the mysterious package right into the building, though it’s unclear what could be housed inside the large package.

The video also shows a time-lapse of a number of the plant’s areas, including the entire factory in one sweeping west-to-south shot and back.

Viewers can also see a huge flattened area where construction and employee parking are taking place, before the video moves on to show a parking area for finished cars and the company’s R&D center.

The news comes just a few weeks after a tour of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai was shared on YouTube, showing off the site’s impressive production speed. Giga Shanghai also upgraded its suspension production, with all new Model 3 and Y units built at the plant now including the improvements to suspension.

See Wu Wa’s full video from outside Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai below, complete with one mystery package being delivered straight to the company’s motor shop.

Tesla is rumoured to bring a Highland refresh to the Model 3 and re-tooling and updating of Giga Shanghai is said to be underway.