Tesla Giga Mexico Could Increase Cross-Border Trade By $15 Billion, Say Logistics Firms

Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s opening of a new Gigafactory in Monterrey, Mexico, could boost cross-border trade by as much as $15 billion per year, according to some officials and logistics experts, as detailed in a report from Freight Waves on Tuesday.

One such official includes Martha Delgado Peralta, Mexico’s undersecretary of foreign affairs, who recently predicted the increase in a news story.

“The [factory in Monterrey] means a great step for Mexico in several ways,” Peralta said. “We would be encouraging an ecosystem of electric vehicles and raising our levels of exports to the United States by 3.5 percent annually, equivalent to a sum of $15 billion, representing a 10 percent increase in auto-related exports.”

The new factory is also expected to increase Tesla’s suppliers in the northern Mexico region by four times, with some officials indicating that as many as 127 suppliers are set to start working with the U.S. automaker.

Nuvocargo Head of Customs Jay Gerard says the move will further add to recent demand growth caused by shifting supply chains.

“Shippers will continue to diversify their supply chain away from Asia with a focus on Mexico for both manufacturing and raw materials,” Gerard said. “Shippers will also look to explore the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and take advantage of it.”

Tesla may start production at Giga Mexico as soon as 2024, according to Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Garcia.