Tesla Model 3 Taxi Fleet Added to Ajman in the UAE

A publicly owned taxi fleet in the United Arab Emirates has added Tesla Model 3 vehicles to its offerings, along with plans for a solar-powered bus parking network including 24 lots, according to a report from the Khaleej Times.

The solar-powered parking lots are expected to be established in Ajman by the end of this year, according to the Ajman Public Transportation Authority (APTA).

The news comes as the country’s latest efforts to become more sustainable, with the country allocating as much as Dh15 million (~$4.08 million USD) for environmental initiatives related to public transit and taxi services.

Sami Al Jallaf, executive director of the public transport and licensing agency at APTA, pointed to a need for more environmentally friendly transportation solutions in a press conference held on Tuesday.

“This initiative is part of the emirate’s vision to adopt strategic plans that establish the concept of sustainability,” Al Jallaf said. “Providing safe and sustainable transportation is contributing to reducing traffic congestion on the roads.”

Last July, Tesla opened a Supercharger in Ajman at City Centre, featuring 8 chargers at up to 250 kW.

A fleet of Tesla taxis was also launched in Sharjah in recent weeks, featuring 10 Model 3 units, out of a total of 3,700 available in the Emirate operated by four companies.

Tesla opened its first Supercharger in Dubai in 2020, after the Dubai Taxi Corporation added both Model S and X units to its fleet dating as far back as 2017.