Tesla Model 3 Taxi Fleet Debuts in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharajah tesla model 3

A new Tesla Model 3 taxi fleet has launched in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The announcement on March 1 by the Sharjah Roads and Transportation Authority (SRTA) said a fleet of 10 Tesla Model 3 sedans, part of the emirate’s green economy initiative, according to SRTA Chairman Yousef Al-Athmani.

According to Al-Athmani, the Tesla Model 3 fleet is part of the Green Economy Initiative for Sustainable Development by the UAE, which “seeks to become a global hub and a successful model of the new green economy.”

Taxi companies Etihad and Medina will be driving these Model 3 sedans, offering a more environmentally friendly fleet. There are over 3,700 taxis in the Emirate of Sharjah alone, operated by four companies. These taxis drive over 7 million kilometers (4.3 million miles) annually, consuming roughly 122,100 litres (32,255 gallons), resulting in high carbon emissions. This led the SRTA to consider cleaner alternatives, reports Gulf News.

Sharjah’s neighbouring Emirate of Dubai added a Model 3 to its taxi fleet last July as part of a pilot project. Dubai has had 172 Tesla EVs since 2017 as part of limousine services. Dubai wants to have converted 90% of its limousine fleet to clean energy vehicles by 2026.

You can see a video of Sharjah’s Tesla Model 3 taxi fleet announcement here.