Tesla FSD Beta 11.3.1 with ‘Over-the-Air Recall’ Fixes Rolling Out for Employees [PIC]

Photo: Eric Hester via Facebook

Weeks after Tesla’s highly anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta v11.3 began rolling out to employees, a new photo seems to show the release notes for an updated build for the software.

A photo showing release notes for Tesla’s FSD beta v11.3.1 was shared by @Eric Hester on Tuesday, as reportedly spotted in a Facebook group. Hester tagged Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the re-post to Twitter, asking if the screenshot was “legit.” It looks to have been leaked to the web by an employee that received the FSD beta build.

The release notes show that the vehicle is in software version 2022.45.10, after the first FSD 11.3 update was destined for employees with software version 2022.45.5.

In the release notes menu, the FSD beta is highlighted, showing the description of the program warning users to use “additional caution” when using the system, adding that users should not “become complacent” while operating the software.

Also, FSD beta v11.3.1 shows it includes “Over-the-Air (OTA) recall” fixes for the software, as part of a recent NHTSA “recall”.

The first documented drives with Tesla FSD beta 11.3 have been shared in recent weeks, showing off the single-stack software, which brings Navigate on Autopilot and other features all unified into the FSD beta codebase. Simply put, single stack will allow FSD beta to drive anywhere, both city and the highway using one Autopilot system.

Tesla paused the rollout of the FSD beta in Canada and the U.S. last week, going on to issue a voluntary “recall” and deploy a software update to fix issues with specific FSD beta maneuvers, including travel through a “stale yellow light.”