Tesla Model 3/Y Concept Imagines New Interior Refresh

Tesla has long been rumoured to be working on major design updates for its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles (EVs), codenamed “Highland” and “Juniper,” respectively.

While Tesla makes small iterations and changes to all of its vehicles throughout the production cycle, Highland and Juniper are expected to be major refreshes for the company’s best-selling cars. Thanks to Lillehammer, Norway-based design student Alwin (@Alwinart), we now have a high-quality concept image of what the updated interior of the Model 3/Y could look like.

Image: @Alwinart on Twitter

Alwin’s concept shows off a sleek, minimalistic design aesthetic that improves upon the existing look of the Model 3/Y interior while bringing in some changes inspired by the interior of the Model S and Model X.

For starters, the concept ditches the Drive/Reverse/Neutral/Park selection stalk on the steering wheel, which is now more yoke-ish (like the Cybertruck’s). In addition, the infotainment screen is just slightly bigger than the current interior design and has slimmer bezels too.

Tesla appears to be inching closer to putting Highland and Juniper in production. The Highland Model 3 was recently spotted with new wheels in Fremont, California, and a February report indicated that Tesla temporarily closed off some areas of Gigafactory Shanghai that make Model 3/Y units to upgrade the production lines for the planned design changes.