Supercut: Watch Tesla’s Investor Day 2023 in Just 28 Minutes [VIDEO]

Tesla on Tuesday held its 2023 Investor Day, where company CEO Elon Musk and others addressed shareholders, apprising them of the company’s current state and plans for the future.

During the almost four-hour-long presentation, Musk and Co offered new insight into Tesla’s plans to ramp up to 20 million vehicles and detailed the automaker’s next-generation electric vehicle (EV) platform, among other things.

According to Tesla, its next-gen vehicle platform will cut production costs by nearly half. This could potentially make way for the long-rumoured $25,000 USD “Model 2” (or a similar, more affordable EV). What’s more, Tesla announced Mexico as the location of its next Gigafactory during Investor Day, while Musk laid out his long-awaited “Master Plan 3.”

If you missed Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day live stream, watch the 28-minute supercut from Daily Tesla below to catch up on everything that was announced:

YouTube video

For a deeper dive into Investor Day and everything Tesla talked about during the event, you can also download a PDF of the full slide deck the company used for the presentation. Tesla’s slide deck even includes a high-quality render of Gigafactory Mexico that you can get a closer look at.