Acura ZDX and All Electric Vehicles Sales Will Be Online Only

Acura has announced a strong shift toward electric vehicles (EVs) in a press release detailing its updated business strategy, with pre-sales beginning in 2023 and deliveries in 2024 with the ZDX and ZDX Type S.

Additionally, Acura says 100 percent of its EV sales will take place online and will lead parent brand Honda into digitalization in the U.S. market, with the brand becoming “the tip of the spear for digitalization at American Honda.” This is a move out of the playbook that Tesla pioneered for online car sales.

The company also announced plans to reach a 100-percent electrified lineup by 2040, pointing to a higher goal of reaching zero-emissions operations by 2050.

“Like the rest of the industry we’re not completely out of the woods with supply issues yet, but we’re optimistic the Honda and Acura brands will achieve higher sales volumes this year,” said Acura Vice President of Sales Mamdou Diallo. “With our new models, from our refreshed light truck line-up to the increased hybrid volume and our continued commitment to fun-to-drive cars, our brands are well positioned for 2023.”

The news comes just after Honda announced plans to create a new division of its company to accelerate EV development, and as the company prepares to break ground on its $3.5 billion EV battery plant in Ohio.