Tesla’s Massive St. Petersburg, Florida Showroom and Service Centre Now Complete

Photo: u/glasskiss

As Tesla continues to expand its network of stores, service centers and delivery centers, the company is continuing to deploy new locations across the world — including a recent construction project completed in Florida.

Tesla has completed a new sales, service and delivery center in St. Petersburg, Florida, as seen in a photo of the location shared on Sunday (via Reddit). This massive Tesla center was approved back in April of 2022, with a total of 100,000 square feet of space.

According to the user who shared the image, the site used to be a furniture liquidation warehouse called Kane’s Furniture, and it’s located at 34th St. and 46th Ave. N. in the Lealman Community Redevelopment Area.

The location includes a 3,000-square-foot showroom on 34th, a roughly 35,000-45,000-square-foot service center, a 50,000-square-foot vehicle storage facility and an 8,000-10,000-square-foot area for storing vehicle parts, as detailed in the plans that surfaced last May.

The land sale took place for $13 million last year, accounting for the roughly 4.2-acre site, as overseen by Tesla and the Truett Realty Group.

“Tesla coming to Pinellas, coming to Lealman is exciting on multiple levels,” said Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice in an email to St Pete Rising, last April.

“First we get an improved use and quality of the property with better paying jobs. Secondly, this kind of high profile name brand choosing Lealman will help continue to share the message that Lealman is the right location for your company. Pinellas is ready and open for business.”

The news of the St. Petersburg center’s completion comes just a few days after an application was submitted for Florida’s largest V3 Supercharger station in Gainesville, set to include 24 V3 stalls.

The center isn’t yet showing up on Tesla’s find us map, though it’ll likely begin showing up once the automaker has officially opened the location.