Tesla Heated Steering Wheel to Get ‘Auto’ Temperature Setting, Says Report

Automated steering wheel heater

Image via: Not a Tesla App

Tesla is set to release a software update where it will bring more granular controls to its heated steering wheel, similar to its heated seats which gained an ‘Auto’ setting back in March of 2022.

That’s according to a screenshot showing Tesla’s heated steering wheel icon showing an ‘Auto’ setting and also ‘bacon strips’ seen from heated seat icons, reports Not a Tesla App.

Like Tesla’s heated seats, new settings will include ‘Auto’ which means the car will determine heat settings based on climate, plus two settings ‘low’ and ‘high’.

Sometimes the heated steering wheel can get too hot when it reaches its max temperature, so the ability for owners to manually change this will be a welcomed addition. The ‘Auto’ setting will also just take care of temperature settings by itself, adding for yet another delightful experience.

Currently, access to heated seat controls are available through Tesla’s climate controls on its screen and also the mobile app. It’s expected new heated steering wheel controls will also make their way into the app as well.

When will custom heated steering wheel controls arrive for Tesla owners? It’s reportedly coming in a 2023.4 software update, expected to be the first Tesla update of 2023 and coming later in January, says Not a Tesla app.