Tesla 2022.44.30.8 Update for China: MangoTV, Apple Music and More [Release Notes]

Tesla’s software update 2022.44.30.8 is now rolling out in China, as spotted in screenshots shared with Tesla North on Monday.

The screenshots show release notes for the update, which began deploying on the weekend, according to the notes.

The update includes a number of features that were deployed with Tesla’s holiday update in other markets, ahead of Lunar New Year celebrations in many Asian countries.

You can see Tesla’s 2022.44.30.8 software update release notes for owners in China below, as translated to English from Chinese:

  • Apple Music goes online
  • Handwriting function added as new keyboard input method
  • Added support for WeChat mini-programs
  • Mango TV launched
  • Temperature control pop-up window now lets users select “Automatic,” “High,” “Medium” or “Low” settings
  • Mobile support added for emission testing mode
  • Scheduling up to 10 minutes in advance added for Light Show along with multi-vehicle support
  • Rainbow Road display when Autopilot is engaged
  • Media controller moved to lower left-hand corner of touchscreen interface
  • Contact list search function added
  • Bluetooth confirmation for calls switched from phone to in-car
  • Track Mode added for Model Y Performance
  • Automatic turn signal shut-off
  • Mahjong game launched
  • Tesla account cross-vehicle auto-login

The news also comes just a couple of weeks after Tesla announced a Lunar New Year Promo in China for Model 3 and Model Y units, and after the automaker announced an extended break for Gigafactory Shanghai employees during the holiday.