Tesla Semi Parts Catalog Reveals Modular Battery Pack and More

We just got our first look at the Tesla Semi’s internal components, thanks to diagrams spotted by Tesla owner and software data miner “green” (@greentheonly) in the company’s online Parts Catalog.

Tesla hasn’t published a parts catalog for the Semi yet, but green was able to dig through the company’s website and find it.

Going by the images and information the sleuth was able to glean, the Semi has a modular battery that’s rated at 1,000V and made up of three smaller packs that can apparently be disconnected at any time. This could be intended to streamline production for lower-range Semi trucks, which have been teased before.

Tesla’s Semi is an all-electric Class 8 semi-truck announced by the electric vehicle (EV) maker in late 2017. PepsiCo last month became the first customer to take delivery of a Semi truck from Tesla. Not long after, an executive detailed the company’s experience with the Semi.

Tesla’s parts catalog features a variety of diagrams highlighting different components found inside the Semi. According to the shared images, the electric truck’s two axles are called “Torque” and “Efficiency.” Per the ethical hacker who uncovered the information, “Efficiency” refers to the rear axle, which only has one motor, while the other one, which has two motors, is the “Torque” axle.

In addition, a sample VIN label found within the leaks lists the Semi’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) as 22,135 kg (48,800 lb) without the trailer. Attaching the trailer adds another set of axles to the vehicle, upping the Semi’s GVWR to ~37,200 kg (82,000 lb).

The same label also indicates how much of the Semi’s GVWR each axle can handle, along with wheel and tire sizes and cold tire pressure ratings for the electric truck.