2022.44.25.5 Tesla Holiday Update for FSD Beta Users Rolling Out

Tesla has started rolling out its 2022 holiday software update to Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta users, with software version 2022.44.25.5 bringing FSD beta 10.69.25. FSD V11 is not included in this update.

FSD beta testers started receiving this update earlier on Monday evening, according to @TeslaFi.

According to Not a Tesla App, the 2022.44.25.5 software update finally brings the 2022 holiday software update to FSD beta testers. According to the rollout of this software on the TeslaFi website, only 1 car has this software ready for a pending install (likely an employee FSD tester?).

TeslaFi noted tonight 2022.44.25.3 is also rolling out as well.

The 2022 Tesla holiday software update means a native Apple Music app, MyQ Connected Garage integration (click here to follow our how-to on getting it set up), cabin camera views during Sentry Mode, Steam Beta for Model S/X refresh, new media controls, new fan speed controls during ‘Auto’ climate, and also fart mode from the mobile app.

Also new are Zoom meetings from the car using the cabin camera, new game Mahjong, plus the ability to always have the Rainbow Road easter egg enabled during Autopilot, to go with scheduled light show if you have multiple cars, and auto turn signals (they turn off after a lane change).

Other 2022.44.25.3 release notes according to Not a Tesla App include:

  • Contact Lookup (search for contacts on your connected Bluetooth device)
  • Driver Door Unlock Mode (Model S, 3/Y): long pressing the driver door switch will unlock all doors and the trunk
  • Bluetooth Gaming Controllers in Arcade Mode (Model S/X refresh)
  • Track Mode for Model Y Performance
  • Auto-Present Door Handles (Model S): disable them when parked at home
  • Exclude Automatic Door Opening at Home (Model X): disable automatic doors when parked at home
  • Rear Screen Control: control the back screen from the front seats
  • Confirm Phone Call Transfer
  • Tire Configuration: reset learned tire settings
  • Regenerative Braking: apply regular brakes when regen limited
  • Improved Charging Efficiency
  • Radio Station Logos
  • Sentry Mode and Dog Mode at the same time
  • ‘Verified Fart’: new fart sound and has verified Twitter checkmark beside its name
  • Transfer Call to Vehicle: car will ask to transfer your existing call on a smartphone to the Tesla
  • HomeLink UI improvements
  • Manual Fan Speed
  • Swipeable Cards are back
  • Navigation UI improvements
  • New ‘Learn More’ links within settings menus
  • Regen Blend Indicator Light
  • Additional Tooltips