Tesla Said to Announce a Factory in Mexico in Early 2023: Report

Tesla plans to announce a factory in the Mexican state of Nuevo León in early 2023, according to a report from local outlet Milenio shared earlier this week.

The factory will reportedly be headed for a location to the west of the state’s Santa Catarina municipality, and the parties are apparently refining the last details of the plant.

Sources claimed that it was still confidential, saying that the information is expected to be made public in early 2023.

“I understand that they already bought the land, maybe they don’t want what happened with KIA to happen to them, but it is real that Musk made them confidential, since the land around where it was bought is going to go up (in price),” one of the sources said.

Despite the report, a query made by Milenio to the Public Registry of Property of the Registry and Cadastral Institute of Nuevo León (IRyCNL), there are still no records of Tesla sales operations in the area to Santa Catarina’s west.

One source said that they don’t think the property has been listed in Tesla’s name, despite the IRyCNL reports showing smaller Tesla-named companies including Tesla Turbo, Tesla Engineering, Tesla Consultores, Tesla Electromechanics, Tesla Plastics and Tesla Smart Sport.

The news comes just a couple of months after reports showed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Nuevo León, also adding that he was considering an investment into the northeastern state.