SpaceX Demos Starlink on the Street at the World Cup in Qatar

starlink qatar booth

Image credit: u/MRizkBV

Last month, SpaceX obtained a license in Qatar to offer its satellite internet service in the Middle Eastern nation, ahead of the current World Cup being hosted in the country.

Now, we see SpaceX has debuted an on-street demo of Starlink, operating a trailer showcasing the satellite internet service’s capabilities.

You can see a crop of their image above, which shows numerous Starlink dishes on display while marketing phrases “high speed internet”, “available planetwide” along with “business” and “home/RV” adorn the booth. There are three employees operating the booth in the photo, which doesn’t look all too busy.

The image was shared by Reddit user u/MRizkBV, taken on Lusail Boulevard at the site of the World Cup Celebrations in Qatar.

When someone sarcastically commented, “impressive crowd,” the original poster replied, “That’s what happens when you launch in a country blanketed by [fiber to the home], and 5G. Nevertheless, I expect the majority of Starlink customers to be business users here. It can be beneficial in remote locations such as oil rigs.”

At the moment, a Starlink promo is offering up one month of free service for RV customers in the United States, as we first told you about earlier this week.

SpaceX continues to expand Starlink. Earlier this week, Starlink launched service in Barbados. The internet service also recently launched in Pitcairn Island and Easter Island, two of the most remote places on the planet. SpaceX is currently hiring for the next version of Starlink.