Confirmed: Apple Music is Coming to Tesla Vehicles [PICS]

Apple music tesla 2

One of the most highly-requested features for Tesla vehicles is to support the Apple Music streaming service—and now it appears it’s coming.

New images taken from the inside of a Tesla vehicle at the company’s new exhibit at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, California, show the Apple Music icon and app, plus an activation QR code to “log into your Apple Music account.”

Tesla North visited the QR code’s landing page, which does indeed direct the user to, where one needs to “enter the code displayed on your device” to continue.

The images were shared on Reddit by u/TeslaModel11, saying, “Apple Music confirmed. As spotted at the Petersen Museum 2020.40.50.”

Update: The actual images seen were taken by founder Aaron Cash, seen inside a Model S Long Range demo set up at the Petersen Museum. The website allows Tesla owners to stream from various media services using the Tesla browser.

Cash said this was a “Demo setup (not a full car) in the Petersen Museum running a modified firmware. Let’s people sit in it and play games etc.”

Another image shared by Cash shows a hilarious VIN for this Model S Long Range demo setup, as ‘P3TERSEN1P000BUCK’, running software version 2022.40.50:

Another image below shows the Apple Music icon amongst Tesla’s other app icons:

Apple music tesla

Currently, music service apps in Tesla vehicles include Spotify, Tidal and TuneIn, but the addition of Apple Music will be a great add, considering it’s one of the most popular streaming services.

Back in June, Tesla CEO Elon Musk evaded interview questions about Apple Music inside Tesla vehicles, only adding he used Bluetooth to stream the music service inside his car.

When asked if an Apple Music app was coming to Tesla cars, Musk deadpanned, “what are we looking for here?”.

“I am one of the rare people who use Apple Music and Spotify. I just use Apple Music through Bluetooth,” added Musk afterwards.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen references to Apple Music for Tesla vehicles. It was spotted as far back as December 2020, but the code references were removed this past July.

While the addition of Apple Music is welcome, for those wondering about Apple CarPlay, it likely will never happen. Tesla won’t give up its own operating system and experience to allow CarPlay, so using this Android hack is the best way if you’re desperate.

With Tesla usually offering up a big software update for the holidays in December, we’d guess Apple Music will come with it. Stay tuned, folks!

Update: Here are the apparent Apple Music release notes according to Tesla Raj. No mention of Dolby Atmos support: