Get a Free Tesla Model Y If You Buy This Home in New Zealand

Image: Barfoot & Thompson

Homeowners represented by Barfoot & Thompson in New Zealand are offering a “brand new Tesla and brand new home,” in an effort to sell the home in southeast Auckland, to differentiate the property from 120 other new builds in the market.

Real estate agent Kapil Rana said the Tesla hasn’t yet been purchased, but the homeowners are offering to let the home buyers choose the color of car they want with the house.

The Model Y would be offered as a “bonus” to the house, rather than simply being an add-on to the house’s market price.

Since posting the advertisement on Tuesday, Rana has received over 50 emails about the deal. A ‘granny’ refers to a self-contained suite inside the home.

The news comes as New Zealand’s housing prices experience the largest fall since the 1990s, with recent data showing the median house price has dropped around 10.9 percent year over year to $825,999 NZD ($508,741 USD).

According to OneRoof, the Model Y idea came from the realtors’ and homeowners’ brainstorming session after the property had been idle on the market for seven weeks.

“The condition is nothing. Basically, the price point has to be above $1.8m plus – same as any house in the neighbourhood so nothing extraordinary with that,” said Rana.

The Tesla Model Y is valued at $80,000 in New Zealand. The choice of Tesla as a free car was easy because it is the “most famous car” right now and “you look on the road and everyone wants to buy it,” said the agent.

In addition, home sales in October dropped 34.7 percent year over year, falling to just 4,892 last month from 2021’s 7,486 in the same month.

Tesla began selling its Model Y SUV in New Zealand in June, adding the vehicle to its Model 3 flagship sedan in the country.

In January, the Tesla Model 3 surpassed Nissan Leaf sales for the first time in New Zealand, with 3,333 units total registered in 2021 compared to the Leaf’s 2,662 during the same year.