Tesla Store in Europe Launches Trunk Cover for Model Y, AVAS Speaker for 3/Y

Photo: Tesla

Tesla has debuted two new products in its European online store, including a Model Y trunk cover (400 euro) and an upgraded AVAS pedestrian warning speaker (210 euro) for both the Model Y and Model 3 (via @Tesla_Adri).

Although the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) speaker doesn’t include the Tesla boombox retrofit, it does alert surrounding pedestrians with a small beep while traveling forward or in reverse. Once purchased, the item can be installed in either a Model 3 or Model Y at Tesla’s official service centers.

Similarly, the Model Y trunk cover requires a service center visit to be fully installed, letting users pull the cover forward to conceal cargo in the trunk, or retract it to reveal the contents of the trunk. It’s also known as the parcel shelf for current Model Y builds coming out of Fremont, Giga Texas, Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai.

The parcel shelf allows Model Y owners to protect contents in the trunk from being visible to outsiders, while it can also help reduce road noise from the back. Installation also requires the removal of the side covers in the trunk, the replacements of which are a part of what’s purchased with the trunk cover. At 400 euro, it’s an expensive upgrade but it’s nice to see the retrofit available for older Model Y vehicles.