Foxconn Hopes to Someday Make Cars for Tesla, Says Chairperson

Apple iPhone maker Foxconn is hoping to diversify its business as it boosts its electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, and it even says it hopes to make Tesla’s cars, too.

Taiwan’s Foxconn said on Tuesday that it hopes it can someday make cars for Tesla, as stated by Chairperson Liu Young-way at the company’s yearly Tech Day event (via Reuters).

“Based on our past records for the PC and cellphone markets … we’re at about 40-45% of the overall market share. So, ambitions-wise, hopefully we are able to achieve the same kind of achievement like in the ICT (information and communications technology) industry, but we will start small, which is about 5% in 2025,” Liu said.

“I hope one day we can do Tesla cars for Tesla,” added Liu.

Like with the iPhone, Foxconn is hoping to avoid selling its own EV brands and instead hopes to sell “a lot” of EVs through other companies.

The company hopes to build EVs in Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S., and it’s also in negotiations with companies in Indonesia and India, according to Liu.

Foxconn recently partnered with Fisker and India’s Vedanta on EVs and semiconductors, and the company hopes to continue employing its manufacturing expertise to become a larger player in the emerging market.

“Despite the challenges of conflict in Europe and COVID globally, Foxconn has maintained our EV strategy,” Liu said.

“Supply chain resilience has always been Foxconn’s DNA. Our global footprint in 24 countries gives us a huge advantage to meet EV industry demands.”

With Tesla taking full control of its EV production through its Gigafactories, specifically with one located in Shanghai, China, it’s unlikely the company would outsource to another company. But Foxconn’s making headlines by mentioning Tesla in its statements to the media. Mission accomplished.