First Look: NIO ET5 Arrives in Norway, Compared to Tesla Model 3 [VIDEO]

Photo: Bjørn Nyland

Norway remains an important market for electric vehicles (EVs) with its high rates of adoption, and NIO is now showing off its upcoming ET5 sedan in hopes to break into the market.

In a video taken at an auto event in Norway, Bjørn Nyland reviewed a NIO ET5 sedan in Norway, providing some of his first impressions on the EV.

Overall, the vehicle is smaller than the ET7 at around 15.75 feet (4.8 meters) long, and the sedan is expected to be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3. In his quick overview of the ET5, Nyland compares what he sees in the EV versus Tesla’s Model 3.

Nyland starts by looking at the trunk, noting that the vehicle is, in fact, a production model and is simply awaiting its plates.

Going from the trunk to the interior, Nyland points out that a CCS2 to GB/T adapter is included in the trunk, which he says is fairly deep, and that the front passenger seat includes an adjustable leg rest setting — something that the Model 3 doesn’t have.

Around the video’s mid-way point, he tests the sound of the door closing and says it’s impressive, even providing a little surprise for the viewer. Before exiting the vehicle, Nyland also says hello to Nomi, NIO’s little robotic in-car assistant.

The NIO ET5 is set to become available in Norway in March 2023, and you can see Nyland’s first impression look at the electric sedan below.