SpaceX Launches Flat Starlink Terminal for Maritime Customers

Photo: SpaceX

A new Starlink dish just dropped, this time featuring a wider range of weather capabilities for use in harsh marine conditions.

SpaceX released a new Starlink dish for marine customers this week, featuring an overall flatter design and a much higher wind resistance, as can be seen on the company’s website (via @Sawyer Merritt).

The new maritime Starlink terminal features a super-flat design and has a wind rating for up to 174+ mph (280 kph+) gusts of wind, suitable for use in varying weather conditions. It also includes better performance amidst high-temperature weather.

The new maritime plan Starlink dish “allows better speeds at high temperatures, can connect to more satellites, and is more resilient to extreme environments,” according to SpaceX.

Photo: SpaceX

The hardware includes an environmental rating of IP56, with snow-melting capacity of up to 3 inches per hour (75mm).

SpaceX has signed maritime deals with Royal Carribean, Marlink Maritime and Silent Yachts to provide marine terminal hardware on the open sea.

Photo: SpaceX

The Starlink mobile app hit almost 2.3 million downloads on iOS last week, indicating how many users of the satellite internet service span across the world.

SpaceX also launched in-flight Wi-Fi via Starlink around the same time that the maritime application was launched.