Tesla Launches Model Y Reservations in Taiwan, Coming from Giga Berlin

Photo: Michael Hsu

Taiwan-based Tesla customers can now appreciate the long-awaited Model Y SUV, as reported on Twitter this week.

Tesla opened Model Y reservations in Taiwan on Thursday, as spotted by customer @Michael Hsu. In a post, Hsu noted that the made-in-Germany Model Y units with CCS2 plugs would begin delivering in Q4, also adding that he’ll be adding one to his personal garage.

The Model Y is the last of Tesla’s currently available vehicles to become available in Taiwan, now joining the Model S, 3 and X.

Another user in the thread also mentioned that the Model Y will come from Giga Berlin, adding that the region’s Model 3 comes from Tesla’s Fremont factory, due to Chinese imports being banned.

Notably, the user points out that South Korea will also get its Model 3 from Fremont while also getting the Model Y from the California, U.S. factory due to high import tariffs on cars from China.

Tesla launched the Model S and X in Taiwan earlier this year, also including the CCS2 charging port. The automaker also began retrofitting deliveries in Taiwan with the CCS2 and TPC connections last July.

Last month, Tesla opened a new store, service and delivery center in Tainan City, Taiwan.