Tesla Superchargers are Cheaper to Install and Charge vs Competitors: Report

Tesla is dominating costs on setting up electric vehicle (EV) chargers according to a recent EV Charger Price Survey, keeping prices far cheaper than most of its competitors in North America and the European Union, as reported by BNN Bloomberg.

Both installation and charging costs are lower at Tesla’s Superchargers than other competitors by a landslide.

One Tesla Supercharger project in Texas cost Tesla just $42,000 USD per connector, compared to installation prices ranging from $100,000-$250,000 USD for competitors in Europe and North America.

Charging is priced between $238 and $10,000, while the installation of some chargers can cost between $16,335 and $135,000, according to the report.

Data is from Bloomberg’s Commercial EV Charger Price Survey that examines hardware and installation costs for chargers.

Tesla’s benefit comes from its general manufacturing scale and experience, having installed 11,000 Superchargers in 2021, averaging roughly 10 stalls per station. Despite the average, Tesla has a number of Supercharger stations with over 50 at select locations.

The news comes as the U.S. introduces a “Built in America” mandate, requiring chargers to be made within the country with 55 percent local hardware by 2024 in order to qualify for federal aid.

Some have posited the idea of waiving requirements in the short term to help accelerate the deployment of charging stations, since many are expected to struggle in meeting the mandate.

Alternatively, companies such as Wallbox, Flo and Tritium have also announced new U.S. manufacturing plants since the requirement’s introduction.

New reports show that Tesla plans to launch pre-fabricated V4 Superchargers in 2024, providing ultra fast-charging with dual pedestals with higher-powered charging.